Latisse® at Sacramento Skin And Laser

Latisse® is the first and only FDA approved prescription treatment for inadequate or not enough lashes – growing them longer, fuller and darker. NOW AVAILABLE IN 5 mL!

Latisse® solution is a once-nightly treatment you apply topically to the base of your upper eyelashes.

The New LATISSE® kit comes with 5 mL of solution-that’s 67% more than patients get now! That means fewer trips to refill prescriptions. And with 140 brushes in the kit, patients will have all they need for 10 weeks of treatment. You may start to see more length in as little as 4 weeks and you should achieve full growth in 16 weeks.

Latisse® is believed to increase and thicken the eyelashes by increasing the length of their growth phase and increasing the number of hairs in this growth phase.


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